Aviagen has a successful balanced genetic selection program that consistently promotes simultaneous improvements in health, production, environmental impact, reproduction, robustness, food security, health and welfare, and sustainability. We ensure our birds are provided with the highest quality care and welfare standards. We continue to improve livability and general health in our birds as we advance their performance in a responsible manner. As a result of our extensive research and welfare programs, we further expand our knowledge and expertise of their feeding, nutritional, physical, management and environmental needs and the effect these factors have on the overall good health of the birds. Aviagen shares this expert knowledge and flock management practices with customers to promote the best health, welfare, and performance for all generations of Aviagen stock.



Welfare Goals and Principles

Our company policies are developed and periodically reviewed following these welfare principles.

  • Feed and Water: Provide access to potable water and nutritionally balanced diets at all times.
  • Health and Veterinary Care: Provide science-based health programs and prompt veterinary care. In addition, the company’s stringent biosecurity program prevents the introduction and spread of poultry pathogen.
  •  Environment: Provide shelter that is designed, maintained, and operated to meet the birds’ well-being throughout its life.
  • Transportation: Transportation practices designed to prevent injuries and minimize stress.

At Aviagen, we are committed to the well-being and humane treatment of the birds in our care. Our welfare procedures meet or exceed industry welfare standard practices and follow the guidelines and requirements set by industry organizations. To achieve this, Aviagen educates and trains all our employees on proper care and handling procedures of our birds. All employees and contract farmers involved with the handling of our birds must comply with company policies and understand their responsibilities to ensure the welfare of the birds in their care. Aviagen will not tolerate violations of our animal welfare policies or procedures.

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Audits and Updates

Our welfare policies, practices, procedures, and operational facilities undergo an annual documented audit, both internally by Aviagen staff, and externally by recognized experts in the area of poultry welfare. It is the company’s commitment to ensure that we comply with our own policies, and the latest developments and existing industry recognized welfare practices supported by science and practical experience.

Reporting Violations: Aviagen employees are required to report any violations of our animal welfare policies and procedures. Should members of the general public witness the purposeful or willful neglect or abuse of our birds by anyone, they are encouraged to report violations to Aviagen at welfare@aviagen.com.

EFABAR logoAviagen is a member of European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB) and follows the Code of Good Practice Code-EFABAR and Principles of Sustainable Breeding.