Aviagen’s Top 5 Commitments

Top 5 WheelThe United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The IPC has prioritized five of the SDGs – areas where the global poultry industry can make the most difference. Aviagen’s Top 5 commitments align very closely with these five SDGs.

See our Committed to Breeding Sustainability interactive presentation for a deeper understanding of how our Top 5 Commitments put into practice and align with the Top 5 IPC SDGs.

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To find out more, visit our Breeding Sustainability page.

  • 1. Health, food safety and food security

    (SDG2: Zero Hunger; 3: Good health and well-being; and 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure)
    We apply multiple strategies to secure a safe global supply of healthy birds to poultry growers around the world. Biosecurity is one of the cornerstones of our facilities worldwide.

  • 2. Biodiversity

    (SDG2: Zero Hunger)
    Aviagen’s diverse genetic pools enable a wide selection of poultry lines, so producers can provide the right bird for the right market, offering a choice to our customers around the world – now and for the future.

  • 3. Balanced breeding program

    (SDG2: Zero Hunger; 9: Good health and well-being; 13: Climate action)
    Responsible, balanced breeding means our birds have both excellent health and welfare and deliver great performance and productivity for poultry growers with a low impact on the planet. #foodoneverytable

  • 4. Importance of management and stockmanship

    (SDG 2: Zero Hunger and 4: Quality education)
    Aviagen works hand-in-hand with our customers, sharing the latest best management practices to help them get the best from their birds.

  • 5. Transparency, communication and engagement

    (SDG4 4: Quality education and 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure)
    By cooperating and collaborating, members of the global food supply chain achieve our goal to put sustainability into practice: Secure the global food supply; strengthen health, welfare and performance; and protect our planet for the future.